Covid-19 Vaccine Update

Dear Patients,

Bridge Lane is working together with all Battersea practices and have set up a Battersea Covid vaccination site at the Junction Health Centre. This is a huge project, vaccinations have started since 8th of January 2021.

As you may be aware, the vaccine is in limited supply and it will be offered to patients in high risk/priority groups first. Patient will be contacted by us via a phone call and by a text invite.We are working through patients in the national priority order starting with cohort:

  • 1 – care homes patients and care workers.
  • 2 – over 80’s and health care workers.
  • 3 – over 75’s.

We are not able to vaccinate anybody that is not in these groups currently. You do not need to contact us or the Junction Health Centre.

We will keep our website updated regularly.